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MTG Commander EDH Deck Arna Kennerüd, Skycaptain 100 Magic Cards Custom Deck Auras Esper

MTG Commander EDH Deck Arna Kennerüd, Skycaptain 100 Magic Cards Custom Deck Auras Esper

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This listing is for a fun budget deck for the casual commander player.  Copy your Auras and Equipment then attack for huge damage!  Below is a complete decklist broken down by card function so you can get a closer look.  

This is NOT an official Wizards of the Coast preconstructed deck (I designed this budget deck myself.)  Most of the cards will be Near Mint (NM) but some may be Slightly played or Moderately played.  Ships in 1 business day so you'll get it fast.  You will receive 1 complete 100 card commander deck containing the following cards (unsleeved and no deck box)  Message me with any questions or concerns.

Commander - 1
Arna Kennerüd, Skycaptain

Mana Effects - 8
Ornithopter of Paradise
Dimir Signet
Orzhov Signet
Azorius Signet
Arcane Signet
Commander's Sphere
Wayfarer's Bauble
Darksteel Ingot

Creatures - 18
Hateful Eidolon
Luminarch Aspirant
Transcedent Envoy
Mesa Enchantress
Zur the Enchanter
Brotherhood Outcast
Alela, Artful Provocateur
Sram, Senior Edificer
Hero of Iroas
Leech Gauntlet
Spirited Companion
Heliod's Pilgrim
Armguard Familiar
Brine Comber
Twinblade Geist
Starnheim Courser
Shadowmage Infiltrator

Auras, Equipment & Removal - 36
Faith Unbroken
Thirst for Meaning
Sentinel's Eyes
Staggering Insight
Greatsword of Tyr
Psychic Impetus
Martial Impetus
Pentarch Ward
Skyblade's Boon
Griffin Guide
Thran Power Suit
Rousing Read
Cartouche of Solidarity
Angelic Gift
Drake Umbra
Mammoth Umbra
Righteous Authority
Hyena Umbra
Invocation of Saint Traft
Twisted Embrace
Unfinished Business
Sage's Reverie
Rune of Sustenance
Spectral Steel
Ethereal Armor
Astral Wingspan
Demonic Embrace
Rune of Flight
Cartouche of Knowledge
Eel Umbra
Gift of Orzhova
Mantle of the Ancients
Grasp of Fate
Winds of Rath

Lands - 37
Temple of Deceit
Sunken Hollow
Fetid Pool
Darkwater Catacombs
Temple of Silence
Snowfield Sinkhole
Shineshadow snarl
Temple of Enlightenment
Prairie Stream
Port Town
Skybridge Towers
Rogue's Passage
Obscura Storefront
Command Tower
Arcane Sanctum
Exotic Orchard
Path of Ancestry
Shimmerdrift Vale
7 Plains
6 Islands
6 Swamps

~ Please Note that most of these cards are NM-M condition but some might be SP - MP. ~

Designer Notes:  Copy your Auras and Equipment, then attack for huge damage!  Zur the Enchanter and Alela, Artful Provocateur work great with the number of auras in the deck.  You'll find lots of ways to modify your creatures in order to get the most out of your commander in this deck!

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