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MTG Commander Deck EDH Deck Brago, King Eternal 100 Magic Cards Custom Deck Blink Flicker

MTG Commander Deck EDH Deck Brago, King Eternal 100 Magic Cards Custom Deck Blink Flicker

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This is a fun budget deck for the casual commander player. Get a bunch of "comes into play" effects on the board, then attack with your commander for HUGE value! Below is a complete decklist so you can get a closer look.

This is NOT an official Wizards of the Coast preconstructed deck (I designed and built this custom budget deck myself.) Most of the cards will be Near Mint (NM) but some may be Slightly played or Moderately played. Ships in 1 business day so you'll get it fast. You will receive 1 complete 100 card commander deck containing the following cards (unsleeved and no deck box) Message me with any questions or concerns.

Brago, King Eternal
Spare Supplies
Guild Globe
Golden Egg
Omen of the Sea
Ethereal Valkyrie
Cloudkin Seer
Trial of Knowledge
Stoic Farmer
Wall of Omens
Pondering Mage
Watcher for Tomorrow
Riverwise Augur
Elite Guardmage
Fblthp, the Lost
Sea Gate Oracle
Sphinx of Uthuun
Blade Splicer
Myr Battlesphere
Lavinia of the Tenth
Barrin, Tolarian Archmage
Pilgrim's Eye
Whirler Rogue
Kasmina, Enigmatic Mentor
Exclusion Mage
Riftwing Cloudskate
Omen of the Sun
Alirios, Enraptured
Forbidding Spirit
Urbis Protector
Soul Herder
Geist-Honored Monk
Tempest Caller
Wedding Invitation
Master Splicer
Malcator, Purity Overseer
Sunblast Angel
War Priest of Thune
Rambunctious Mutt
Meteor Golem
Disdainful Stroke
Time Wipe
Phyrexian Rebirth
Reality Acid
Kor Cartographer
Marble Diamond
Sailor of Means
Sky Diamond
Hierophant's Chalice
Azorius Locket
Prismatic Lens
Mind Stone
Azorius Cluestone
Azorius Signet
Teferi's Time Twist
Momentary Blink
Long Road Home
Myriad Landscape
Command Tower
Terramorphic Expanse
Tranquil Cove
Sejiri Refuge
Azorius Guildgate
Azorius Chancery
Meandering River
15 Plains
15 Islands

~ Please Note that most of these cards are NM-M condition but some might be SP - MP. ~

Designer Notes: The deck plays a ton of "comes into play" effects so you can get maximum value from your commander. By "flickering" your permanents you'll trigger their effects again and gain tons of value.

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