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MTG Commander Deck EDH Deck Pantlaza, Sun-Favored 100 Magic Cards Custom Deck Dinosaur Tribal Dinosaurs

MTG Commander Deck EDH Deck Pantlaza, Sun-Favored 100 Magic Cards Custom Deck Dinosaur Tribal Dinosaurs

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This is a fun budget deck for the casual commander player. Play dinosaurs for double value with your commander and stomp your way to victory! Below is a complete decklist so you can get a closer look.

This is NOT an official Wizards of the Coast preconstructed deck (I designed and built this custom budget deck myself.) Most of the cards will be Near Mint (NM) but some may be Slightly played or Moderately played. Ships in 1 business day so you'll get it fast. You will receive 1 complete 100 card commander deck containing the following cards (unsleeved and no deck box) Message me with any questions or concerns.

Pantlaza, Sun-Favored
Giant Cindermaw
Zetalpa, Primal Dawn
Wakening Sun's Avatar
Raging Swordtooth
Majestic Heliopterus
Bellowing Aegisaur
Rampaging Brontodon
Curator of Sun's Creation
Thundering Spineback
Pathfinding Axejaw
Nurturing Bristleback
Pugnacious Hammerskull
Scytheclaw Raptor
Seismic Monstrosaur
Ravenous Sailback
Earthshaker Dreadmaw
Itzquinth, Firstborn of Gishath
Palani's Hatcher
Thrashing Brontodon
Shifting Ceratops
Annoyed Altisaur
Burning Sun's Avatar
Deathgorge Scavenger
Crested Herdcaller
Raging Regisaur
Territorial Allosaurus
Goring Ceratops
Verdant Sun's Avatar
Regal Behemoth
Etali, Primal Storm
Ranging Raptors
Intrepid Paleontologist
Ixalli's Lorekeeper
Thunderherd Migration
Drover of the Mighty
Atzocan Seer
Wayfarer's Bauble
They Went This Way
Search for Tomorrow
Paradise Druid
Ilysian Caryatid
Farhaven Elf
Commander's Sphere
Voice of Many
Cut a Deal
Hunter's Insight
Hunter's Prowess
Keeper of Fables
Bitter Reunion
Lifecrafter's Bestiary
Seal from Existence
Rip Apart
Reclamation Sage
Chain Reaction
Loyal Guardian
Vivien's Stampede
Tromp the Domains
Canopy Vista
Command Tower
Evolving Wilds
Game Trail
Path of Ancestry
Temple of Triumph
Terramorphic Expanse
Thriving Bluff
Thriving Grove
Thriving Heath
Ash Barrens
Cabaretti Courtyard
15 Forests
6 Plains
5 Mountains

~ Please Note that most of these cards are NM-M condition but some might be SP - MP. ~

Designer Notes: Play dinosaurs for double value and stomp your way to victory! Powerful Dinosaurs like Etali, Primal Storm and Zetalpa, Primal Dawn help close out the game while others such as Wakening Sun's Avatar interrupt what your opponents are doing and clear out all their blocking creatures. If you get enough smaller dinos in play Goring Ceratops can help finish the game quickly with double strike! This deck is perfect if you love big powerful dinosaurs and casting spells for free!

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